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What to Expect

How long can I expect to wait after scheduling surgery?
Most surgeons have a 7-10 day lead time on scheduling their cases.

Where will the surgery be performed?
Surgery may be performed on the second floor of the hospital as well as at the Ambulatory Surgery Center adjacent to Health Central Hospital. Colonoscopy, gastroscopy and ERCP are done in the Endoscopy lab in the hospital.

What type of anesthesia will be administered?
You will meet a member of the anesthesia team on the day of your pre-op appointment. You will also meet the anesthesia provider who will be administering the anesthesia (such as an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist; both of whom are highly qualified to administer anesthesia) the morning before your operation. They will explain in detail what anesthesia methods will be best for your procedure. Together you will decide which is best for you.

What can I expect during recovery?
Ask your physician what to expect in the first few days following surgery, as well as in the weeks and months that follow. You need to know how long you will be hospitalized, what limitations will be placed on you, and if there are special supplies or equipment you will need upon discharge. Knowing ahead of time what to expect will help you to cope and recover more quickly following the surgery.